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The Association for Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt) is pleased to announce the creation of the Diphilos Dissertation Prize.
This is a biennial monetary award of €1000 that is granted to a recent graduate student for an accepted dissertation that focuses on coroplastic material from the Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds from the Neolithic period through late antiquity. This Prize is awarded in support of the eventual publication of the dissertation. The name Diphilos is known from signatures and monograms found on late Hellenistic and early Roman terracotta figurines from Myrina in Asia Minor. It is believed that Diphilos may have been the proprietor of a coroplast’s workshop that eventually was active over several generations. Dissertations to be considered for the Diphilos Prize must be submitted within two years of acceptance by the relevant university, and applicants must be members of the Association for Coroplastic Studies at the time of application for the Prize.

The Diphilos Dissertation Prize will be awarded every two years, contingent upon the availability of funds and a successful application. For this current round of the Prize only dissertations that have been accepted in 2018 and 2019 will be considered The application process.

Application for the Diphilos Dissertation Prize constitutes a two-step process.
The first step, which must be completed by February 15, 2020 consists of a submission of a 550-word summary of the dissertation in either English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish and up to 20 illustrations, as well as the the defense report or equivalent documentation from the applicant’s university that the dissertation has been accepted. A cover sheet is required that includes the applicant’s name, address, university affiliation, title of the dissertation, and date of acceptance. From these submissions 10 applicants will be invited to take part in the second step. — To download => the application and cover sheet.

The second step comprises a more detailed review of the 10 semi-final applications.
This includes, for each applicant, the submission of the completed dissertation, whatever its language, the defense report, and detailed plans for the eventual publication of the dissertation. At each step the applications are peer reviewed by a committee comprising knowledgeable researchers recognized for their work in the appropriate subject matter, whose responsibility is to make the final recommendation on the awarding of the Diphilos Prize.

To submit an application.
Applications can be submitted digitally to coroplasticstudies@gmail.com with the words “Diphilos Prize application” in the subject field. Alternately, applications can be sent by regular mail to:
Association for Coroplastic Studies
310 Riverside Drive, #1212
New York City 10025, NY.
Please address all questions to

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