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Sven Schipporeit

Universität Wien svent.schipporeit@gmail.com Greek terracottas and ritual in the Classical and Hellenistic periods

Karoline Zhuber-Okrog

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienne nikandre144@gmx.at Greek and Roman terracottas


Natacha Massar

Royal Museums of Arts and History, Brussels

natacam@gmail.com Terracotta figured vases, pathological representations
Maria Dikomitou University of Cyprus m_dikomitou@yahoo.com Cypriote terracottas, archaeometry
Loïc Androuin EPHE-PSL (ANHIMA) loic.androuin0@orange.fr Roman coroplasty in Autun (France, Burgundy)
Eukene Bilbao Zubiri École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris) eukene.bilbao@gmail.com Terracottas from south Italy

Sophie Feret

Université de Montpellier sofiferet@gmail.com Hellenistic terracottas of central Italy
Estelle Galbois Université de Toulouse estelle.galbois@univ-tlse2.fr Greco-Roman terracottas from Tebtynis (Egypt)
Isabelle Hasselin Rous Musée du Louvre isabelle.hasselin@louvre.fr Terracottas of Smyrna
Regine Hunziker-Rodewald Université de Strasbourg regine.hunziker@orange.fr Iron Age figurines from Jordan 
Stéphanie Huysecom-Haxhi
(ACoSt Vice-President)
CNRS, ARsCAn stephanie.huysecom-haxhi@cnrs.fr Terracottas from Thasos (Greece), from Dürres (Albania)
Violaine Jeammet Musée du Louvre Violaine.Jeammet@louvre.fr Greek terracottas
Kandassamy Emily PhD, French student at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Institut Français de la Mode in Paris kandassamy.emily@gmail.com Garment, movement and posture of the terracottas figurines coming from Tanagra and Thasos in Greece, created from 6th to 3rd century BC.
Arthur Muller Université Lille arthur.muller@univ-lille.fr Greek and Albania terracottas
Marion Muller-Dufeu Université Lille mmullerdufeu@sfr.fr Greek and Albania terracottas


Frauke Gutschke Germany fraukegutschke@web.de Jointed dolls
Sven Kielau
(ACoSt Executive Committee)
Independent researcher sven_kielau@yahoo.de Hellenistic terracottas of Asia Minor
Giorgos Papantoniou Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
papantog@tcd.ie Archaic to Roman terracottas from Cyprus
Aura Piccioni Katholischen Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
aura.piccioni@gmail.com Terracottas of West Greece


Alexandros Andreou University of Athens satyriskos@gmail.com Hellenistic and Roman terracotta figurines from the deposits around the Sanctuary of the Nymph at the South Slope of the Acropolis (Greece)
Vasileia Dimitrakopoulou University of Athens vassia7@gmail.com  Terracottas and Coroplastic Workshops, especially from the Athenian Agora and Abdera
Vassiliki Georgaka Greek Ministry of Culture-First Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Studies vgeorgaka@culture.gr Archaic Attic terracottas
Stelios Ieremias Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports stelieremias@gmail.com Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Christina Marangou

Greece chrmarangou@yahoo.gr  Mainly prehistoric terracottas of Greece and neighboring regions

Maria Spathi

Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies maria.spathi@hotmail.com

Greek Terracottas


Agnes Bencze Pázmány Péter Catholic University agneseb33@gmail.com Terracottas of south Italy
Christine Morris Trinity College Dublin CMORRIS@tcd.ie Aegean Bronze Age terracotta figurines, especially from Minoan peak sanctuaries


Barbara Bolognani Hebrew University of Jerusalem barbarabolognani@gmail.com Iron Age clay figurines from Karkemish, Lebanon and Israel

Adi Erlich
(ACoSt Executive Committee)

University of Haifa aerlich@research.haifa.ac.il Terracottas from Israel and the Levant
Raz Kletter Israel kletterr@gmail.com Bronze and Iron Age terracottas of the Near East
Sonia Klinger University of Haifa klinger@research.haifa.ac.il Terracottas of Corinth (Greece), Roman terracottas of Israel


Marina Albertocchi Ca' Foscari University, Venice m.albertocchi@alice.it Terracottas of Sicily
Geltrude Bizzaro Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” geltrudebizzarro@gmail.com Terracottas of south Italy
Romina Carboni University of Caglari, Sardaigne romina_123@libero.it Cults and votive offerings from ancient Sardinia
Nicola Cucuzza University of Genoa Nicola.cucuzza@lettere.unige.it Minoan and Mycenaean figurines
Antonella Pautasso
(ACoSt Executive Committee)
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali, Catania, Sicile Pautasso@unict.it Terracottas of Sicily

Serena Raffiotta

Italy serenaraffiotta@gmail.com Terracottas of Sicily


New Zealand
Gina Salapata
(ACoSt Secretary)
Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand G.Salapata@massey.ac.nz Terracotta plaques from Laconia (Greece)


Mireia López-Bertran University of Glasgow mireia_lopez@hotmail.com Phoenician and Punic figurines in the western Mediterranean 
Pauline Maillard École suisse d'archéologie en Grèce Pauline.Maillard@unil.ch Cypriot terracottas from the classical period ; Euboean terracotta production (Eretria and Amarynthos, all periods)
Silvia Alfaye University of Zaragoza silvia.alfaye@gmail.com Iberian terracottas
United Kingdom

Erica Morais Angliker

University of London em2316@caa.columbia.edu Terracottas from the Cyclades (Greece)
Keely Heuer State University of New York, New Paltz heuerk@newpaltz.edu The relationship Greek between pottery and figurines in south Italy
Emily Hollywood Northamptonshire emij_100@hotmail.co.uk The significance of votive terracottas to women's rituals within the Cult of Demeter and Kore

Nadia B. Knudsen

United Kingdom ganchat3@hotmail.com Early Bronze Age zoomorphic figurines from the Levant
Alexandre G. Mitchell Institute of Archaeology, Oxford info@expressum.eu Greco-Roman terracotta figurines, particularly caricature and pathological grotesques | Director at Expressum, translation services
University of NottinghamPaz Valiente
pazramirezval@gmail.com Intercultural contact in the Bronze Age


United States

Rebecca Ammerman
(ACoSt Executive Committee)

Colgate University, NY rammerman@colgate.edu Terracottas from south Italy
Heather Bowyer Arizona State University hbowyer@asu.edu Terracotta and bronze grotesque figurines from the Hellenistic periodErica Morais Anglike
David Frankfurter Boston University dtmf@bu.edu Terracotta figurines in Roman and Christian Egypt
Frances Gallart-Marques Cornell University NY fg29@cornell.edu Terracottas of Sardis
Keely Heuer Adelphi University mbm224@nyu.edu Terracottas from Pantikapaion
Stéphanie Langin-Hooper Southern Methodist University langinhooper@smu.edu Figurines hellénistiques de Mésopotamie, miniaturisation

Emily C. Mohr

Duke University emily.mohr@duke.edu Women in antiquity, Greek sculpture, Tanagra figurines, performance
Maya Muratov State University of New York, New Paltz heuerk@newpaltz.edu Iconography of terracottas in pre-Roman Italy (Etruria, Magna Graecia, and Sicily)
Beth Nakhai
University of Arizona, Tucson bnakhai@email.arizona.edu Llives of women in antiquity
Nancy Serwint Arizone State University, Tempe Nancy.Serwint@asu.edu Terracottas of Marion (Cyprus)
Glen Velez Mannes College of Music New School (New York) glenvelez@me.com Musician Terracotta figurines
Jaimee Uhlenbrock
(ACoSt President)
State Unversity of New York, New Paltz uhlenbrj@newpaltz.edu Greek terracottas of Libya and Sicily




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